G&C Foundry - Quality Policy
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G&C Foundry is committed to be an efficient and reliable supplier of ferrous and non-ferrous cast products to the Rail, Mining, Earthmoving, Agriculture, and General Engineering industries. G&C is committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and to satisfy all legal and regulatory requirements of relevant interested parties. This will be accomplished by:

    External Objectives
  • Proudly providing our customers with a product that they in turn feel proud to promote to their customers
  • Adherence to delivery dates
  • Ensuring adequate inventory
  • Acceptable, timely and adequate communication with customers regarding quoting, despatch and/or other issues to a point where our valued customers are not pursuing us for a response to their query
  • Using technically skilled personnel to answer any technical enquiries

    Internal Objectives

  • Teamwork, dedication and ownership; to provide team members with a sense of belonging to the organisation; that their contribution to the success of the organisation is significant and as such should be rewarded by sharing in the success; and to establish a cohesive team of core employees that work together in harmony in their completion of tasks
  • A technically skilled and knowledgeable team
  • Minimising waste and non-conforming materials and products

    Every employee must appreciate that they have a duty to the organisation to work diligently and competently. This organisation prides itself in rewarding and encouraging employees further dedication to the organisation and those who act as a catalyst to the team. Management acknowledge that everyone contributes to the success and that every role is critical to ensure the ongoing success of G&C Foundry. Management also recognises that ongoing training is necessary to provide all with the adequate knowledge and skills to complete their tasks with confidence and is dedicated to providing this training.